Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute or questionable?

I have a million things to catch up on here, but first, a little story. While eating dinner the other night my son started licking the pear juice off his plate. Daughter #2 exclaims " EWWww, it looks like you are making out with your plate! Then following this great exclamation, daughter #3 (who is 5) starts singing a little ditty about making out with the plate, then she adds to the entertainment by adding other things to the song. Making out with doors, or pumpkins. Then she starts to dance around the house singing this little song adding whatever she sees to the mix, floors, couches, pillows, more pumpkins....and of course then people. Well, being the responsible parent I am, I of course can hardly breathe, because I am rolling with laughter. Then, someone says, "she doesn't even know what making out means", to which she replies, it means kissing a lot. Sobered me right up. What are they teaching at schools these days?

1 comment:

T said...

OI! can I just hope my 6 year old doesn't know this?

oh shoot... now I'm going to have to ask :)