Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacations and Insanity

I've been missing in action for a bit. My wonderful computer decided to take a little break from working. I guess it felt it needed a vacation. ARGh. The last week has been full of a lot of fun and some not so much fun. My husbands grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago. They live here in town, and that made for a bit of work on his behalf getting ready for the funeral. It was a nice funeral, and my thoughts and prayers are with his grandma as she adjusts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I have the most amazing grandmother in the world! She hosted about 37 people for a wonderful feast, at her house. Yep, that's right -37-, did I mention I have an amazing grandmother! It was wonderful to see family and eat and eat! ( oh and I guess we played some games also.)

With Thanksgiving over we now enter December, or as I refer to it, The Month of Insanity.
Insanity? isn't that a bit harsh?! There are Church Christmas dinners, school Christmas concerts and the normal Christmas experiences, decorations to put up, etc..., not too bad you say well, there is more. I have 4 kids, and they were all born in December (last year they all fell on the same week, so they are very close together). My husband was also born in December. So, 5 birthdays and Christmas and New Years...sound a bit hectic...guess what, there is more. My husbands company does the annual awards and stuff for 4 1/2 days in December. So he leaves the week before Christmas and I get to do that week alone. I am invited to attend of course, but with school about to let out for the holiday and the birthdays I just don't feel right leaving. We also have 3 sets of grandparents, and 2 great grandmothers in town. This year we also have the wonderful experience of having daughter #2 get baptized because she is turning 8. Now, I know I sound like I'm complaining. I'M NOT. I just get a little loony during the month, and often don't know if I'm coming of going. It's really just a case of excessive blessings all in one month, which, all things considered, isn't really a major problem.

Friday, November 14, 2008


My sweet son has been yelling in peoples ears at school. Needless to say, this is frowned upon by teachers...If they could please tell me how to get him to stop yelling at home that would be great. I did make him write a note of apology, and he's made it a whole day without incident. (lets hope he's cured).

My youngest is upstairs playing. She is yelling HELP! HELP! When I asked her if she is okay she said... yeah, I'm just playing a game. * I hope she is being a super hero and saving her dolls :). At least it is better than when she plays the game where she is always asking for MOM, but not me, the pretend mom. She gets annoyed when I keep trying to answer her during that game. Now, if only I could get that pretend mom to do some cleaning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay, so it seems that everyone is blogging these days. I thought I'd give it a try. It might not work, but it may be a good way to vent and share some of the good and not so good things in my life. I have a rather bland life, so I'm not looking for anything major out of this. Anyway, I'm a stay at home mom of 4. My sweet husband works like crazy selling insurance. I have an addiction to reading and may share some of my feelings about a particularly good book I come across. UMMM, I guess that's all for now. *thinks to herself, could I be any more boring?*