Saturday, January 31, 2009

teeth, casts, scorpions, oh my

This is my son, and his arm. Yesterday he fell off of the monkey bars at school. He was crying and in a lot of pain. I took him to the doctor and as the doctor was looking at his arm, moving his hand up, down and then side to side he says "that doesn't hurt." I start thinking " oh great, I've brought him in and nothing is wrong" As we sat outside the x-ray I am thinking how I really must be a horrible mother, because I am "hoping that his arm is really broken and that I didn't spend all this money for nothing" I know there must be something wrong with me. Okay, I really didn't want his arm to be broken, because I certainly don't want him to be hurting. (but if he's making such a fuss over this and it's not....). Well, as you can see, it was really broken, not too bad and should heal well.

It's been a big week for him. He also lost one of his front teeth. He also was entered into a local art contest by his art teacher. They only picked a couple kids from each school. They were giving away scholarships. He didn't win, but I thought it was an honor just to be chosen. This is a scorpion. (He is in 1st grade)
the picture really isn't very good.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chicken or Pancakes?

Tonight I was making dinner. Pan Fried Chicken actually, and I came across this recipe--

That's right "Saucy Chicken Livers". I started thinking of other foods, and tried to give them personality also.....hmmm like, Energetic Eggplant, or Procrastinating pizza, then it hit me, the Chicken livers aren't saucy, they are in sauce......( I think "saucy" probably sounds better, it takes away the shock of chicken liver, ewww)
*Do you ever write a word a few times and then wonder if you are spelling it correctly, like the word Saucy. It starts to look strange after a while.

My husband went on the "Freezeree" with the Scouts this past weekend. It was a warm and toasty 12 degrees here in town, I'm betting the mountains were colder. Anyhow, after he came home on Saturday afternoon, he told me that they had forgotten the bin that held the tents back at the church, oh, and the bin that held most of the food and the cooking utensils. Luckily a couple people brought their own tents so 7 scouts shared one, while some of the leaders shared the other. The young men's leader however got to sleep under a lean-to made from the sleds my husband brought for the following day. My husband slept in the back of the van. They were going to eat spaghetti,( someone did bring the meatballs, and the sauce) but they didn't have pots or pans. I guess they used someones mess kit to cook the meatballs. My favorite part was what they did for breakfast. They mixed the pancake mix in the milk jug, and poured it onto a shovel, which they held over the campfire, and cooked lovely shovel shaped pancakes. And we all know why they bring shovels to campouts right? MMMmmm yummy! (hubby skipped the pancakes).

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm sorry this video is sideways, I'm just learning about the camera. This is my youngest. I guess they are teaching her about reverence in primary. She just came up to me and said "Look mom, I'm being reverent." I guess we'll have to keep working on that one. At least she is paying attention.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trampoline Fairy?

This is the present Santa brought us for Christmas! Isn't it wonderful! Isn't it grand! Hehehe, Well about 2 minutes after I snapped this picture my littlest started crying. She said she hurt her leg. (I checked it out and everything is okay.) Then a minute after that my other dear daughter started crying, I couldn't exactly get out of her what happened, but she said her finger hurt. ( She too is okay). Anyway, if there is some type of trampoline fairy who would please protect my children from any mishaps I would greatly appreciate it! ( And yes, they know they aren't all supposed to be on it at the same time, sigh) * Oh and if you'd like to comment please don't tell me any more horror stories about getting hurt on trampolines, I'm already a nervous nelly about the thing, thanks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My own little public service announcement, or stop the insanity

I have a bit of a problem! I would like to ask all the hoverers ( you know who you are, the woman who for whatever reason refuses to sit on the toilet) of the world to PLEASE stop. I know, I know ICK, well guess what, it is double ICK for me because I have to come in behind you with my child and clean it up! I know you are worried about the sanitary aspects of public bathroom use, so I have come up with a wonderful solution for you. Buy yourself some of those travel disinfectant wipes, and give your temporary throne a nice little swipe, either before you use it or after, or both if you must ( the germs will not jump up and get you). Then when I bring my 4 yr old into the same public domain, I will not have to cover the whole toilet with paper to save her little behind. Thank You! * oh and would you please stop using your feet to flush the toilet cause the dirt and mud from your shoes on the handle is also very ICK.....oh and please do flush, don't just skip that step because you are afraid of the germs and also I know you're afraid to touch the door handle after you washed your hands, but don't throw your trash on the floor next to the door.* Okay....I'm done.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 year olds

I don't really have anything wonderful or witty to post today, I wish I did, but I'm suffering from the wonderful after holiday blues. My 4 year old has gone crazy. Or maybe it is just all 4 year olds. She had decided that she can do everything by herself. She just tried to make herself a cup of hot cocoa, and filled her cup half full of the mix, then when I tried to fix it she got angry with me because I was helping. She asked if she could have more soup after lunch, and I said yes, well I went in to help her out and she had filled her bowl, and the table and the floor with soup. The other day she was looking for her pj's ( she took it upon herself to go look for them, I didn't tell her to) and she emptied her whole dresser full of clothes onto the floor, she didn't come ask for help until everything was everywhere. I really want her to go outside and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather (59 degrees, maybe I'll go outside and read in the sun, try to soak up some vitamin D) Her 4 yr old friend came over to play today, but it was kinda nuts. They couldn't agree on what to do, and they had the attention span of, well I guess a 4 year old. She is reminding me of the Tasmanian devil with all her whirling and leaving of messes behind.