Sunday, July 25, 2010


My family and I have spent the last few weeks vacationing. So, because I don't want to write a huge long post, I will start with the most recent trip and go back. My husband and I went to Hawaii! It was a lot of fun. We left the kids with the grandparents (thanks!) and had a wonderful week of fun and relaxation.
This is the view from the airplane as we entered the Portland airport. Hawaii wasn't the only beautiful thing we saw.

I'm not sure why "Birds" is in quotations, maybe in case we get confused and try to not feed the flowers :)
This is one of the views from our hotel room. I never quite got used to looking out the window and seeing the ocean.
And this has to be the largest No U turn sign I have ever seen in my life. (And you thought the only amazing things to see in Hawaii were beaches, sunsets, trees and mountains.. oh, I have pictures of those too)
We went to the Dole plantation and had pineapple ice cream, to the Polynesian Culture center (which is amazing), snorkeling at Hunauma Bay and a million other things that were all a lot of fun. I hope to someday go back with the kids!


Heather B said...

Yay for vacations with no kids! And yay for grandparents who are willing to take the kids so you guys can get a fun break. What a fun time for you. Take care!

Robyn said...

I am so jealous! Looks like fun. I would love to go back to Hawaii. I have such good memories of all the places that you visited. Glad to hear you made some great memories too!