Friday, March 20, 2009



Today while driving home from picking up my van that has been in the shop ALL week, I saw a man on his motercycle smiling at his friend. Maybe about a joke or maybe just because the day was so beautiful, I don't know. But, it got me thinking, I really don't remember what he looked like, just that he had a wonderful smile, and it made me smile too. When I was at Ricks college, everyone went around saying hello to everyone they passed. It was kinda strange at first, but was so friendly and comforting. Anyway, one day I smiled at a complete stranger and watched as she walked by smiling at someone else, who in turn started smiling was strange because from where I was standing, I watched as a smile spread and spread and spread. Sometimes life is hard, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but you know what? I bet I can smile at someone, it really improves my looks and spreads to others too.

I hope these smiles will spread to you too!

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T said...

catching up on blogging finally - thanks for the smile - I'm pretty sure I needed one to share :)