Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My own little public service announcement, or stop the insanity

I have a bit of a problem! I would like to ask all the hoverers ( you know who you are, the woman who for whatever reason refuses to sit on the toilet) of the world to PLEASE stop. I know, I know ICK, well guess what, it is double ICK for me because I have to come in behind you with my child and clean it up! I know you are worried about the sanitary aspects of public bathroom use, so I have come up with a wonderful solution for you. Buy yourself some of those travel disinfectant wipes, and give your temporary throne a nice little swipe, either before you use it or after, or both if you must ( the germs will not jump up and get you). Then when I bring my 4 yr old into the same public domain, I will not have to cover the whole toilet with paper to save her little behind. Thank You! * oh and would you please stop using your feet to flush the toilet cause the dirt and mud from your shoes on the handle is also very ICK.....oh and please do flush, don't just skip that step because you are afraid of the germs and also I know you're afraid to touch the door handle after you washed your hands, but don't throw your trash on the floor next to the door.* Okay....I'm done.

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T said...

You're cracking me up... don't all those germaphobes know that the REAL way to flush is to grab a paper towel on the way INTO the restroom (no, don't flush it, use it to touch the handle)... then, after using a paper towel to open the door, anchor it with your foot so that you can dispose of the paper towel properly...

And "hovering" is just plain silly - any doctor will tell you that your skin is a pretty good protectant unless you have open sores... and if THAT's the reason someone's hovering, I certainly don't want to know about it!