Monday, January 26, 2009

Chicken or Pancakes?

Tonight I was making dinner. Pan Fried Chicken actually, and I came across this recipe--

That's right "Saucy Chicken Livers". I started thinking of other foods, and tried to give them personality also.....hmmm like, Energetic Eggplant, or Procrastinating pizza, then it hit me, the Chicken livers aren't saucy, they are in sauce......( I think "saucy" probably sounds better, it takes away the shock of chicken liver, ewww)
*Do you ever write a word a few times and then wonder if you are spelling it correctly, like the word Saucy. It starts to look strange after a while.

My husband went on the "Freezeree" with the Scouts this past weekend. It was a warm and toasty 12 degrees here in town, I'm betting the mountains were colder. Anyhow, after he came home on Saturday afternoon, he told me that they had forgotten the bin that held the tents back at the church, oh, and the bin that held most of the food and the cooking utensils. Luckily a couple people brought their own tents so 7 scouts shared one, while some of the leaders shared the other. The young men's leader however got to sleep under a lean-to made from the sleds my husband brought for the following day. My husband slept in the back of the van. They were going to eat spaghetti,( someone did bring the meatballs, and the sauce) but they didn't have pots or pans. I guess they used someones mess kit to cook the meatballs. My favorite part was what they did for breakfast. They mixed the pancake mix in the milk jug, and poured it onto a shovel, which they held over the campfire, and cooked lovely shovel shaped pancakes. And we all know why they bring shovels to campouts right? MMMmmm yummy! (hubby skipped the pancakes).


T said...

can we say Ewww one more time?

Last night we ended up just settling for Normal Nachos

4HessGirls said...

Hi Lori,
I found yor blog from your facebook. I'm glad I found you. We have been thinking about you guys and we need to get together soon. We are in our house now, so we have room for company. We will have to call and plan something soon.

4HessGirls said...

Wow, I guess the scouts really do know how to survive with so little. I second the EWWWW with the pancakes. I would have skipped breakfast too.