Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 year olds

I don't really have anything wonderful or witty to post today, I wish I did, but I'm suffering from the wonderful after holiday blues. My 4 year old has gone crazy. Or maybe it is just all 4 year olds. She had decided that she can do everything by herself. She just tried to make herself a cup of hot cocoa, and filled her cup half full of the mix, then when I tried to fix it she got angry with me because I was helping. She asked if she could have more soup after lunch, and I said yes, well I went in to help her out and she had filled her bowl, and the table and the floor with soup. The other day she was looking for her pj's ( she took it upon herself to go look for them, I didn't tell her to) and she emptied her whole dresser full of clothes onto the floor, she didn't come ask for help until everything was everywhere. I really want her to go outside and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather (59 degrees, maybe I'll go outside and read in the sun, try to soak up some vitamin D) Her 4 yr old friend came over to play today, but it was kinda nuts. They couldn't agree on what to do, and they had the attention span of, well I guess a 4 year old. She is reminding me of the Tasmanian devil with all her whirling and leaving of messes behind.

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T said...

this sounds all too familiar... so I'm afraid it must be a four year old thing... mine turns 5 in... 2 months and 23 days - do you think it will change then?

go grab your lawn chair and enjoy soaking up some Vitamin D... if nothing else it will give you a breath of fresh air - just make sure the 4 year old isn't left inside to make her own dinner :)