Thursday, December 4, 2008

To shovel or not to shovel?

We have been getting quite a bit of snow lately. It snowed all day Sunday and now all day today. On Sunday we shoveled our drive and sidewalk 3 times. Once in the morning before church, once again after church because we host choir at our house and don't want people slipping and then again in the evening. (I suppose that was just for good measure.) I just got back in from shoveling, and of course the driveway is filling back up. I did it this time because the kids will be getting home in 45 min and the snow had started to slow. It has now picked back up. It seems pointless I know, but I hate when the car drives over the snow and packs it down into hard, impossible to remove, tread marks. I guess I am just too picky. Of course it reminds me of the saying, Cleaning the house while the kids are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing. I guess both should be done, even if it is a hopeless endeavor.

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T said...

and yet, we keep cleaning the house don't we?

A good friend here (where it DOESN'T snow thank goodness) has a sign in her house that reads "A woman's work is never done, so why start?" That's my new motto... as is evidenced by my current pig-sty of a house :)