Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gingerbread houses

Normally I am not a very crafty person. When I got married, my husband informed me that our family traditions would include a gingerbread house at Christmas time (graham cracker houses weren't in the picture). He procured the recipe from his mom along with patterns for the house and dog house. The first of many houses was made the year I was expecting my oldest. Now, as you know per my previous post, December is somewhat of a hectic month for me, so this tradition of making gingerbread houses doesn't happen every year. However, this year there was a contest at the church Christmas party, so I decided I'd better enter. The kids love it and I guess it really was worth the hours spent rolling out dough and constructing the homes. Here it is:

The top picture is the back of the houses and the bottom picture is the front of the houses. (Can you see our pet rabbit?) Oh, and we did win an award " the welcome to the neighborhood award".


T said...

I suppose I already admitted my inferiority in the gingerbread department over at facebook - so what's keeping me from doing it here? Umm... yeah, still not going to do them this year... not even the graham cracker version - I usually save all the halloween candy for the gingerbread houses and this year... well, I threw it away instead - very liberating somehow!

Robyn said...

So happy to see your post on my blog! I am sorry I have been out of touch. I will enjoy keeping up with you on our blogs.