Wednesday, May 19, 2010

YES, I do have a blog :)

Because I am not the worlds greatest blogger, here are a few pictures from the last 2 months.
We took this picture down at the neighbors house because #2 daughter needed a family picture for school. It was windy and cold, so even though it looks like my oldest has some attitude, she really just wasn't ready for the picture.
Here we have #2 holding our new dog. We named her Carmel, she is a daschund (no I don't know how to spell that word) mix (pretty sure she's mixed with Red Heeler.) She's a cutie, about 5 months old now.

This is oldest daughter modeling for the camera. I think she was dressing up for "putting on the Ritz" for spirit day at her middle school. SO GLAM

Here is the boy with his teddy bear he brought home from school. He was enjoying some ice cream with his uncle and cousins. This is our favorite place to take people for Ice cream, it's local and you get a TON of ice cream for $1.oo. So come visit, we'd love to take you too!

And I have to add this picture here of my husband doing his favorite thing.....eating. (hehehe, I told him I would post it on my blog, he first said, YOU have a blog? and then he said NOOO!)
It's been a crazy couple of months and these are just a few highlights. School will be out in a couple of days and hopefully we'll have fun! I hope to blog more often, just to stay in the habit of writing. My brain needs the exercise.


T said...

I think Spring Break through Last Day of School is official "let your blog go and not feel guilty about it" month... ermmm, two months...

I think we need to come for ice cream sometime :)

Z said...

Mmmmmm. Ice creammmm.

Net said...

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