Monday, March 1, 2010

this, that, the other

We recently found a New York style pizza place near our house. My youngest begged to eat there the other day.( I think she just likes to eat pizza that is bigger than her head!)

I am the cub scout leader in my ward. So for our activity before valentines day I saw this cute idea of making love bugs. They were a lot of fun to make. Then my other children said, "hey, we want to make some of these too, to give to our school friends." I made a bunch. They are easy to make. All you need is some plaster of paris, some plastic spoons, some paint and some acrylic spray. The original idea was to make them pins, but I found it easier to make them into magnets. (And really, how many elementary age children do you know who wear pins?) The kids painted them and came up with a lot of cute little bugs. (In the second picture I haven't sprayed them with the acrylic spray yet, so they aren't as shiny.)

My oldest got to go to the Cave of the Winds on a special field trip a couple weeks ago. She had a lot of fun. They went to the caves that aren't on the tour. They had to squeeze through some pretty tight spaces and got to get all muddy. Their guide told my daughter that she is a natural caver because she didn't have any problems going to some of the more squeezy areas. Here's a picture of her after the experience. (She already changed into some clean clothes, but hadn't washed yet)

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Heather B said...

I love the bugs! Can you get me the instructions? That seems right up Abby's alley. What a cute activity! Take care.